The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA)

About the Society

What is SARA Membership Services?

The Secretary of our group operates member services.  The secretary also 
keeps the membership list, posts the Journal, handles SARA's non technical 
correspondence, and forwards all other inquiries to the appropriate persons.

How is SARA governed?

SARA's government consists of four (4) officers and a Board of Directors 
elected from the membership.  A roster of all SARA officers, technical 
advisors and committee chairpersons is published in each issue of the 
Journal. The bylaws are here.


SARA Brochure (400K pdf)
SARA Mission Statement (MS Word Document)
SARA Bylaws (14K pdf)
SARA Affiliation Policy (MS Word Document)

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Is SARA incorporated as a nonprofit group?

SARA was incorporated in the state of Alabama in 1987 as a non-profit 
corporation.  This status allows SARA to receive grants and donations with 
a taxable deduction available to the donor. 
Our non-profit tax identification number is 2479834.  Determining what is a 
deduction for SARA purposes is the responsibility of you, the taxpayer, and 
your tax advisor.

What other services are provided to SARA members?

SARA maintains a file of technical project information which is available to 
members for the cost of duplication and mailing.  The society also sponsors 
annual seminars, which are held at professional observatories. 
The first was hosted by Dr. John Kraus and Dr. Robert Dixon at the Big Ear 
radio observatory telescope in Delaware, Ohio.  Recent conferences have been 
held at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Greenbank, West Virginia. 
At this facility, SARA members have been extended the same courtesies given 
the professionals in the use of lodging and dining facilities.  In addition 
to the opportunity to learn, members also enjoy the friendship and 
camaraderie of other members.

SARA also recognizes outstanding work each year with an awards program.
If you would like to reprint a flier about SARA, it is available below in
Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format:

           SARAFull.pdf (18K)

Is SARA an organization of only professionals?

At our annual seminars, academic titles are disregarded and everyone is on a 
first name basis.  Many of our members have become good friends through 
their common interest.

Does SARA have any professional guidance?

Many famous names in radio astronomy are associated with SARA, either as 
technical advisors, honorary, sustaining, or regular members.

Where does the annual dues money go?

SARA spends about seventy five percent of its assets in the preparation and 
mailing of its monthly journal.  The Journal format breaks down to about one 
third newsletter, one third "how to" information and one third 
observational and development papers written by its members. 
The remainder of its assets are spent in promoting excellence in the work 
through awards and honorariums.