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[DIR] Parent Directory 01-Aug-2012 15:36 - [IMG] 10 Foot Dishes (Cros..> 19-Mar-2006 18:37 1.3M [IMG] 10 Foot Dishes.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:37 697k [IMG] 60 Foot Dish at Nigh..> 19-Mar-2006 18:37 329k [IMG] 60 Foot Dish on Grou..> 19-Mar-2006 18:37 265k [IMG] 60 Foot Dishes.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:37 494k [IMG] Construction Group (..> 19-Mar-2006 18:37 232k [IMG] Construction Group (..> 19-Mar-2006 18:37 246k [IMG] Construction Trucks.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:37 225k [IMG] Cows and Petals.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:37 344k [IMG] Crowd at Base.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:37 178k [IMG] Jig Center (a) dial.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:37 535k [IMG] Jig Center (b) suppo..> 19-Mar-2006 18:37 478k [IMG] Jig Center (c) with ..> 19-Mar-2006 18:37 547k [IMG] Jig Comple (c) with ..> 19-Mar-2006 18:37 510k [IMG] Jig Complete (a) on ..> 19-Mar-2006 18:37 574k [IMG] Jig Complete (b) on ..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 542k [IMG] Jig Complete (c) on ..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 544k [IMG] Jig panelling.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:38 507k [IMG] Jig Partial on base.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:38 493k [IMG] Jig Partial on side.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:38 407k [IMG] Jig Partial with cra..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 438k [IMG] Jig Rim on side.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:38 464k [IMG] Jumping on Petal.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:38 251k [IMG] Party at Dishes (2).jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:38 176k [IMG] Party at Dishes.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:38 187k [IMG] People (1).jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:38 179k [IMG] People (2).jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:38 220k [IMG] People (3).jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:38 128k [IMG] Petal Complete (a) s..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 688k [IMG] Petal Complete (b) v..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 550k [IMG] Petal Complete (c) a..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 499k [IMG] Petal Folded (a) clo..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 433k [IMG] Petal Folded (b) wit..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 526k [IMG] Petal Folded (b).jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:38 483k [IMG] Petal Folded (c) fol..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 427k [IMG] Petal Folded (d) bot..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 468k [IMG] Petal Panel Flat (a)..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 483k [IMG] Petal Panel Flat (b)..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 416k [IMG] Petal Panel Flat (c)..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 445k [IMG] Petal Panel Flat (d)..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 498k [IMG] Petal Skeleton.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:38 657k [IMG] Petal Tubes (a) weld..> 19-Mar-2006 18:38 502k [IMG] Petal Tubes (b) weld..> 19-Mar-2006 18:39 467k [IMG] Petal with Tubes (a)..> 19-Mar-2006 18:39 473k [IMG] Petal with Tubes (b)..> 19-Mar-2006 18:39 426k [IMG] Petal with Tubes (c)..> 19-Mar-2006 18:39 465k [IMG] Petal with Tubes (d)..> 19-Mar-2006 18:39 438k [IMG] Petal with Tubes (e)..> 19-Mar-2006 18:39 532k [IMG] Ron & 10 Foot Dishes..> 19-Mar-2006 18:39 292k [IMG] Ron & Crowd (2).jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:39 142k [IMG] Ron & Crowd (3).jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:39 125k [IMG] Ron & Crowd.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:39 154k [IMG] Ron and 60 Foot Dish..> 19-Mar-2006 18:39 359k [IMG] Ron at Dish Base.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:39 165k [IMG] Ron in Control Room.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:39 251k [IMG] Signature Pillar (2)..> 19-Mar-2006 18:39 286k [IMG] Signature Pillar.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:39 289k [IMG] Signing the Pillar (..> 19-Mar-2006 18:39 240k [IMG] Signing the Pillar.jpg 19-Mar-2006 18:39 229k [IMG] The Bracewell Observ..> 19-Mar-2006 18:39 198k

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