Friends of the
Bracewell Observatory Association

Opening up the World of 
Radio Astronomy 



Lee and Aimee Pearson
Albert and Marianne Boyce
Chris Ridder
Tom and Ellen Wyman
Chuck Rush
Mike Gustafson
Laura Cooksey
Cliff Bates
Elmer Marsden

Donors to Stanford's STAR Laboratory in Support of the Bracewell Radio Astronomy Site Project:

Al Alburto
Mark and Nancy Bracewell
Michael Cousins
Richard Factor*
Harry Kimball
Bob and Wendie Lash
Don Latham
Robert A. Lodder, Ph.D.*
Malcolm C. Mallette
John Marcus, M.D.*
Tyler W. S. Nagel
David M. Ocame*
Anon., U.K.*
Anon., U.S., In Memory of Dr. John Kraus
Anon., U.S.

(*The SETI League, Inc.)

Corporate Sponsors:

Pearson, Fisher, and Associates, LLC

Equipment Donation Pledges:

Jeff Lichtman & Carl Lyster - SpectraCyber Receiver  (By Radio Astronomy Supplies)
Dave Wright - Air Compressor
Matt Ettus - Correlator

Your contribution will make a difference!  To donate, please contact:

Bob Lash
Friends of the Bracewell Observatory Association

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