From: (XKLeTen Admin)
Newsgroups: alt.sys.pdp8,alt.sys.pdp10,alt.sys.pdp11,comp.sys.dec
Subject: XKL (PDP10) Site Announcement
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 02:55:47 GMT
Organization: XKLeTen
Message-ID: <>

Dear Fellow PDP-10 Enthusiast,

Over the past 25 years, it's been challenging for all of us to find a place
to run our PDP-10 software.  At the same time, there hasn't been a library of
PDP-10 software that is well taken care of, and made easily available to the
interested public. 

I would like to offer a solution.  I have invested in a TOAD-1 machine
running the PDP-10 architecture, and would like to make its capabilities
available. The TOAD is manufactured by XKL LLC, and is a completely new
hardware implementation of Digital's 36-bit PDP-10 architecture, not an
emulator running on another platform.  This machine I've purchased will be a
repository for PDP10 public domain software, including the collection of the
DEC-10 and DEC-20 DECUS tapes. 

By making access accounts available to an initial limited group, we hope to
learn of any issue areas with our new program.  Through an account you can
set up with us, you can access this library, and run programs you may not
have seen for years.  You may also submit your own programs for storage, and
for use by fellow advocates.  These programs may be submitted via FTP, email
or 9-track tapes.  Once you have an account established you could access
XKLeTen via telnet.  Anyone may download the libraries of software through
anonymous FTP from 

The machine, named XKLeTen, is configured as follows:
        TOAD-1, 36-bit computing system
        TOPS-20 system software
        32 MW memory board
        4 mm DDS tape drive
        9 track tape drive
        8 gigabyte disk

I encourage any of you who are interested to contact us to set up an
account.  To be considered for an account, please submit the
following information to
        Full name
        Email address
        Interest or purpose in this project (short summary)
        Desired account name

If you have any questions about XKLeTen, or how to execute the
anonymous FTP, please contact us via the same email address.

Bill Gates and I used PDP10s to develop much of Microsoft's early
software.  I hope many of you take advantage of this new opportunity
to keep alive some of your old memories.  

Paul G. Allen