ATARI ST Prototype 
  Circa August/September 1984

Leonard Tramiel invited me over recently to see his original ATARI ST design verification prototype, which was hand built.  This unit was constructed in 1984 (on general purpose wire-wrap breadboards which appear to have been etched in 1983). He is planning on donating it to the Computer Museum History Center.

ATARI ST Prototype Boards:

Video Shifter Board

RGB Output


ACSI Board (Atari Computer System Interface)

256K X 32 RAM Development Piggy-Back PC Board mounted to Memory Controller Board

Processor Board


Archive of all board photos

Other Cool Stuff:

Leonard's Commodore B500 (fondly referred to as the "B-52")  (Front / Rear)

Leonard's Data General NOVA 800 16K Core Memory Stack (circa 1973) (ID Legend / Board)